14th September - Today's News

Record temperatures in Melbourne

US wraps up record summer lows

Thousands flee Philippines floods

Thousands displaced after heavy rains strike Brazil

And in Turkey, floods strike again over the weekend

Fred lost at sea - our second Atlantic hurricane of the season has fizzled out into nothing without ever coming close to threatening land.

Hong Kong issues alert as severe tropical storm nears

New Carbon Dioxide data helps unlock secrets of Antarctic formation

And, dare I post this? It's our friend Jonathon Powell again ...... Big freeze on its way to Wales
He said: “After our prediction of a non-barbecue summer, which one particular forecaster did predict, we are now making our winter forecast weeks before all the other major players dare show their hands.
Well I seem to recall it was Powell who predicted it would get to 100f+ in August .....
“A continuation of a ‘big freeze’ scenario cannot be ruled out and through to mid February, winter’s grip will be at its tightest, with a sustained cold blast across the UK, penetrating frosts by night and the threat of snow for a fair swathe of the UK, which will bring affairs to a grinding halt.

“As with February 2009, daytime temperatures will struggle to get above freezing, with the wind chill factor keeping the ‘real feel’ temperature well below freezing for a period of time.

“Over all, February will be bitterly cold, and the cold snap will continue into March.”

Can't wait!

(The Met Office so far are going for a milder winter)


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