19th September - Today's News

Cloud seeding to increase winter snowfall? Yep, that's what they're doing in Colorado where cloud seeding aims to increase Winter Park snowfall. Not heard of this before, but reading the article it would appear it's not an uncommon thing. Just don't tell the chemtrailers!

Can condoms combat climate change?

In Cyprus, tornado hits Nicosia

Climate change campaigners should not have fixated on carbon dioxide argues the Telegraph's Geoffrey Lean, and I totally agree with him. Though I'd stick tropical deforestation at the top of my list of 'low hanging fruits' that ought have been tackled first and which would also have led to a great improvement in the lives of many third world peoples.

And back in the "well they blame it for everything else" category we have Walruses die en masse as Arctic ice melts - the false implication being that they dies due to global warming, even though Arctic ice has been much less extensive in the recent geological past. I don't think walruses (which incidently are listed as a protected species in Britain) will garner quite the public outcry that cute, cuddly, polar bears do.


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