3rd September - Today's News

It's been a few weeks since we last had one of these - yet another study on sea level rises with this time the WWF claiming sea levels could rise more than a meter by 2100.

Previous studies include suggestions of between 28cm and 34cm (2006) and up to one and a half meters (2008).

I don't think anyone has suggested sea levsl will fall by 2100. Yet.

Humans causing erosion comparable to the world's largest rivers and glaciers

Hurricane Jimena swirls past southern Baja resorts

Tropical Storm Erika weakens slightly

Weather helping fight against massive LA blaze

Five dead, thousands homeless in Burkina floods

Deadly earthquake hits Indonesia

According to the 2010 Farmer's Almanac a cold winter could be on the way. Of course, that's just for America. However the fact the MetO LRF is for a milder winter does bode rather well for those of us wanting lots of snow and hard frosts! Meanwhile, as already expected given recent conditions, Australia's warm winter a record.


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