15th September - Today's News

Tornado injures 8 tourists in southern Turkey

Guatemala faces worst drought in three decades - though I'm curious how 3% below average rainfall in June is that significant? Maybe something was lost in translation. Meanwhile, further north, eyes turn to Mexico as drought drags on. Though it's nothing new given this news story from 1999. I do wonder whether the real issue is water mismanagement and, of course, ever growing demand for more water (both for humans, livestock and for crops) - hence every drought (which seem pretty common in this region) becomes the 'worst on record'?

In New Zealand, temperatures soar down South - with Christchurch experiencing a "freakish" jump in temperature thanks to the nor'wester. Temperatures jumped from 9C to 21C in just 20 minutes, said WeatherWatch.co.nz's Richard Green.

El Nino, global warming link questioned - and a possible link between the 1918 El Nino and the Spanish 'flu pandemic? Or maybe just coincidence, speculation and fear mongering? I know where my money lies .....

Typhoon Koppu makes landfall in China after battering Hong Kong

Digging deeper below Antarctica's Lake Vida


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