4th September - Today's News

Introducing the Ice Hockey Stick

This comes from a new study which finds the Arctic 'warmest in 2,000 years'

The similarity to Mann's infamous hockey stick temp reconstruction is quite striking. And this new reconstruction covers a longer period - right back to the Roman Warm Period. It's interesting that the 400s were warmer than the 900s - the latter being when the Vikings colonised Greenland. And the general cooling trend (as expecting in accordance with current Milankovitch Cycles, and actually starting around 5,000 years ago) also shows up very well. Until the 20th century when something dramatic happens. What could possibly have caused this reversal? The Sun? Cosmic Rays? Ocean Currents? I wonder .....

Meanwhile, Greenpeace are claiming that Greenland glaciers are melting faster than ever But then, they would.

Himalayans need climate change science to get its fingers dirty

The dramatic rise in Western forest fires: is climate change to blame?

Millions face starvation in E African drought

Map characterises active lakes below Antarctic ice

Water scarcity in southeast Australia started 15 years ago

For SW Scotland, August rain record 'wettest ever' whilst the Met Office defends 'barbecue summer' saying rain was hard to predict. The article concludes saying "In a departure from the wet and warm summer, the Met Office has predicted a dry and cold September." Which is interesting given the strong likelihood that the middle of the month will be dominated by high pressure (something we've not seen much of this summer). Hopefully then a nice late summer spell - still quite warm by day (though by no means heatwave) and cooler at night under clear starry skies. And dry!

And in Moscow, the mayor wants to banish snow!

"Why don't we keep this snow outside the Moscow city limits?" the Izvestia and Gazeta dailies quoted Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, who has a well-established track record of micro-managing Moscow's weather, as saying this week.

"For the countryside, this means more moisture and bigger harvests. And for us -- less snow," Luzhkov said, recalling that Moscow already relies on special cloud-seeding techniques to guarantee clear skies on key holidays.

~ ~ ~

The mayor said preventing snowfall in Moscow would offer advantages to city residents, including significant cost savings since operations to clear snow from streets cost three times more than stopping snowfall altogether.

~ ~ ~

Izvestia said the Luzhkov winter weather initiative had sparked "panic" in some areas outside the Russian capital.
They're welcome to send it all to Evesham!


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