2nd September - Today's News

Quite a big round up of stories from the last few days - unfortunately I'm still rather busy elsewhere so no time to add much in the way of comment.

Water shortage threatens two million people in southern Iraq - described as "the most critical since the earliest days of Iraq's civilisation".

Record high temperatures in Los Angeles area heatwave

Pope blames atheists for global warming - which may well go down as the most ironic suggestion of the year! As the article well explains.

Danny weakens as Jimena becomes hurricane

Melting glaciers threaten Nepal 'tsunami'

And in the Alps: hot summer melts glaciers

After temps soared to over 100f across Britain in August, as predicted by the media - but unfortunately not in this reality - they're at it again: Brits in for Autumn heatwave says the Daily Star. Oh now we're not says everyone else .....


US Wildfire round-up: multiple wildfires scorch West in dry, hot weather

NOAA report explains sea level anomaly along the US Atlantic coast

In New Zealand it's been an early start to spring with a record warm August (much like Australia)

Mysterious weather pulses fuel cyclones

Hurricane Jimena approaches Baja as Mexico prepares - the hurricane first to make landfall in N America this year.

Met Office defends flood forecast - and quite right so! The rain was not exceptional, and in any case the problems seems to have been lack of staffing in a council department due to the bank holiday and inadequate drainage. Neither of which are the MetO's responsiblity (even though some seem to think the MetO run the country if not the universe)

And in Chicago, August ends with near record low


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