23rd September - Today's news

Arctic ice to last decades longer than thought?

Flood, landslide destroy villages, plantations near new Myanmar capital - interestingly attributed to "waterfall from tributary streams on mountains, triggered by climate change" but I would think much more likely a consequence of deforestation. Further evidence that CO2 emissions are being used as a convenient scapegoat to divert attention away from real and pressing issues and the consequences of local activity? May be - and is so, rather worrying. How do you stop developing nations from destroying their environment and endangering their own lives when they believe any consequences of their actions are all the fault of western carbon emissions?

More on the floods in the US where Southeast flood death toll rises to eight; roadways blocked; neighbourhoods evacuated.

Small earthquakes shake Melbourne's south-east whilst across Australia, violent weather whips, shakes and wraps the nation - the pictures coming out of the big dust storm look pretty apocalyptic! See for example this video courtesy of The Guardian whilst the Brisbane Times provides dozens of photos.

New wildfire erupts in windy Southern California

There's been a lot os speculation about the impact volcanic eruptions had on the summer this year in Britain - not least because they produced some impressive, highly visible dust clouds. So interesting to see that 'experts' in Michigan are drawing similar conclusions and saying volcanoes to blame for woeful local summer.

Good news for Halloween though as the British weather delivers bumper pumpkin crop.

End of an era - new ruling decides the boundaries of Earth's history

'Rosetta stone' of supervolcanoes discovered in Alps

Radar map of buried Mars layers matches climate cycle

Massive weather control planned for China's 60th anniversary - which reminds me, happy birthday Bruce! The world's greatest live performer is 60 today!


  1. Interesting news item about pumpkins there, Andy.

    Here in Devon we've got a few, but I rekon we've been too wet and cool for a bumper crop, maybe in Kent it's been too dry and Hampshire it's been just right...


  2. Aye, I'm guessing its just a case of the main commercial pumpkin growers happening to live in the right place - whilst elsewhere conditions were not so good. I hear the yield in parts of the States has been poor this year.


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