12th January - Today's News: Mountain Rescue Teams in Big Demand as Freeze Continues

Dropped to -21c in Altnaharra on Sunday night - but last night remained above freezing thoughout. In fact it was colder in Evesham (-0.5c). So a bit of a thaw setting in even up there at the moment. Still a risk of more snow for us overnight - though remains to be seen whether it amounts to anything.

Salt shortage talks continue as more snow forecast

Ice climbs created along the A9

Europe begins snow-clearing operations (note: most other countries have suffered similar or worse disruption to the UK)

Aid to snowed-in animal sanctuary - and on the subject of mountain rescue, here's a few reports from recent days:

RAF rescue teams in big demand during big freeze

Cumbria rescue team called to help drivers who ignored closure signs - it's our old 'friend' the satnav again ...... Such devices should only be given to people with 2 brain cells and an IQ of least 20 - the rest of the motoring public who clearly are far less intelligent shouldn't be allowed anywhere near them.

Moor walkers rescued in blizzard - although described as 'experienced' and 'fully equipped' it should be noted that there were heading for a 'moorland shelter' that has been closed to the public since last summer! So maybe as well they didn't push on any further.

But on a more upbeat note: Mountain rescue team come to aid if stranded Coquetdale family and mountain rescue helps carer feed elderly.

Remember: these guys are all volunteers (except the RAF teams).

And from the sublime to the frankly quite ridiculous: 'Glaciers on Snowdon' warming by climate expert.

UK power prepares for cold wind of change
The latest electricity generation data, released on Friday, showed that as the temperatures dropped, 45% of output was being produced from coal, 37% from gas, 15% from nuclear power — and just 0.2% from wind.
Well, well isn't that a surprise ..... ! We're struggling to get enough gas as it is - if we were more reliant on wind power we'd need even more gas and ..... oh dear ..... out go the lights ......

Meanwhile, in Florida the record-breaking cold snap continues

Sea icy off part of Antarctica despite fear of melt

And in China they're saying that cold snap linked to global warming - now I disagree with that, but isn't GW supposed to be a western conspiracy involving Al Gore, Maggie Thatcher, Gordon Brown and a time machine? So have the Chinese been duped? Or just maybe are the conspiracy theories really just as daft as they sound? You decide ..... (Although actually, the explanation the Chinese give seems nearly as ridiculous as the 'it's all a conspiracy' theory ......)

And with all this cold weather still around, spare a thought for the poor Aussies: Melbourne suffers hottest night as Australia swelters. Bet they don't wish they were in Altnaharra though!


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