25th January - Today's News: Queensland a State of Weather Extremes

Bulgaria suffers extreme weather

A surprising study from Israel suggests that desertification may have retarded global warming by 20% - as an aside, deserts grow during ice ages and thus may need to be considered as an additional feedback.

Queensland a state of weather extremes this weekend, but fortunately main danger passes as Olga crosses coast

Haiti capital earthquake death toll "tops 150,000" - and that's just for Port-au-Prince .....

Storms trash Calif. beaches, bring snow to AZ, NM

Ice is 'rotten' in the Beaufort Sea

Up in Aviemore, snow adds special touch to sled-dog rally

United Nations warns extreme cold, heavy snow in Mongolia threatens lives

In what is now being dubbed 'glaciergate' glacier scientists says he knew data had not been verified - and I know that had I bothered to read that particular section when the AR4 was first released, I'd have raised questions staright away. The question remains: why has it taken so long for anyone to notice? Notwithstanding which, it's very clearly wrong. And it makes you wonder what else was missed during the review process.

And finally, as concerns grow as to whether there'll actually be any snow for the imminent winter Olympics, a little satire from the Vancouver Sun: welcome to the global warming Olympics. Least I think it's meant in jest ......


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