8th January - Today's News: Britain's All White At -22.3c

Down to a record -10.5c in my garden overnight (would likely have been a good bit lower had it now clouded over for a time). But that's nothing to Altnaharra when it fell to -22.3c (official) this morning. That's the lowest recorded anywhere in Britain since the 30th December 1995 - when, again in Altnaharra, it fell to a record -27.2c. Of course, this is midwinter. Down at the South Pole it's a similar temperature at the moment - but there it's midsummer! Nonetheless, a nice media friendly comparison to make as Britain struggles in Antarctic temperatures. Comparisons with 1963 are probably more far fetched - so far anyway - but it's interesting to see how much worse we're coping with so much less snow: How different is the winter of 2010 to 1963?

This will perhaps becoming one of the iconic images of the winter: a satellite image showing Britain almost completely white. Even Evesham!

Emergency declared for Britain's wildlife

Cold snap death toll rises across Europe

In the US, frigid temperatures cover wide swathe of the country

Queensland flood families marooned since Christmas Day

High fire danger in South Australia as temperatures soar

Intense storm lashes Invercargill

Warmer climate could stifle carbon uptake by trees - only in some places though, where trees rely on winter snowpack for their water.


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