18th January - Today's News: Summer Snow in Australia

We kick off with one for the global coolers today. After all the recent reports of heatwaves and record heat in Australia, today summer snow falls on NSW towns.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, gales blast Taranaki, Wellington and there was flash flooding as hero drags family from torrent

Will snow be an Olympic no-show in Vancouver? Perhaps they should have been held in Scotland ..... where there's certainly been no concerns over lack of snow. The Cairngorm ski centre closed by too much snow shold reopen today (Sunday)

Snow thaw and rain bring floods to south and west Wales, while in Scotland flooding leads to road closures and all across Britain, deaths soar as winter takes its toll.

Valencia lashed by gale force winds - in what's described as the worst storm since 1989. However, on the upside, these gales boost wind turbines to record - unlike in Britain where the recent cold spell left wind turbines producing virtually none of our energy requirement .....

Alaska's largest glacier is once again surging - which does not however mean it's growing (though expect a few coolers and deniers to claim that this 'proves' there is no global warming .... which it does in the same way an empty jar of marmite proves you have elephants in the house.)

Severe frost kills 10 in Prague

There are claims the Met Office could be dumped by BBC after weather blunders - though why the BBC should end them providing weather forecasts because of the failure of their experimental long range seasonal forecasts makes as much sense as that jar of marmite and the elephant ...... reality of course is that if the MetO lose the contract it'll be entirely over price - if someone else can provide the same service for less money...... Though whether anyone else can really provide the same quality remains to be seen. Of course, the real problem is that the BBC don't give their forecasters sufficent time to provide a forecast in the the first place! Adverts for Depressedenders or Prancing on Ice being deemed much, much, much more important.

And was the world misled over Himalayan glacier meltdown? Moreoever, why repeat a story now which actually broke last year - and was reported on the BBC for example on 5th December 2009 (and originally linked on this blog on 7th December)


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