30th January - Today's News: Bin Laden Blames US For Global Warming

Winter storm blasts Texas panhandle, southern Plains

Fog breaks 7 year record - engulfs Delhi airport for 172 hours

Perhaps the most bizarre global warming I've ever seen: 'Bin Laden' blames US for global warming - a story maybe more suited to conspiracy forums though, since really it just raises questions about who exactly is issuing messages in Bin Laden's name, and what their motive and aims are. Still, Al Gore now has at least on ally!

Back to glaciergate, and climate chief was told of false glacier claims before Copenhagen

Upper atmosphere influences weather near Earth's surface - but unfortunately for HAARP conspiracists, upper atmosphere here means the stratosphere, not the much more distant Ionosphere - a slight warming of which may aid long distance communications but doesn't directly affect the weather in any specific place or manner (whether over time it may have climatological influences is possibly a different matter, albeit one for which there is as yet no evidence).


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