6th January - Today's News: Coldest Winter for 30 Years Grips Britain

Well it finally arrived! A bit of snow yesterday and then overnight a right dollop that's left 7.5" / 19cm in my garden. And given me a day off work on the basis no point in opening my shop if there's no customers. The heaviest snowfall I've seen since moving to Evesham in December 1999, and unlike most falls in recent years, this one shows no sign of making a rapid thaw.

More photos can be seen on Ukweatherworld

No surprise then that the only real news is about the cold and snow. And they're now officially suggesting that this winter set to be the coldest for 30 years (since at least winter 86 anyway - not sure we're quite up with '78/79 just yet) - and the worrying thing (for some anyway) is that there is no sign of an end to it. Indeed there's currently a risk of more widespread snow across England this weekend.

Winter weather brings much of Britain to standstill - a good comprehensive round up there from the Telegraph. And there's at least six more days of snow forecast as cold snap continues - indeed, according to some sources the big chill to last two more weeks (and in my opinion that looks quite likely)

Bookies slash odds on coldest ever January - though looks unlikely we'll be quite that cold! January 1795 had a CET of -3.1c

Schools closed and travellers hit as snow continues

Army called in as 1,000 vehicles stranded overnight on motorway

And if the snow wasn't enough, now some parts of the country have just one day's supply of grit - it doesn't help when a Yorkshire town's grit 'stolen by outsiders'

There are also worries that cold weather threatens Britain's gas supplies and in football, a fear of fixture pile-up as freezing weather takes its grip (but I still remember the old days when every winter saw weekend after weekend of matches postponed due to the weather).

But on a lighter note, postman defies cold snap to deliver mail in shorts

More wintery news from elsewhere:

Cold snap seizes most parts of China whilst passengers saved from Chinese train buried in snow

Frosty temperatures keep south Floridians in the cold as cold, deadly weather grips most of U.S.

And in India, Kashmir stays isolated, plains battle cold wave

However all this cold weather 'doesn't undermine global warming science' - though some might want you to think otherwise. fact is, such cold winters are expected, even if in 50 years time global temperatures have risen by 3c. They just won't be so frequent. And the fact it's been so long since we in Britain had such a long, cold winter just underlines this. And I'd firmly suggest defering any opinion until we see how warm 2010 ends up globally, despite this cold start in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere!

It's not all cold and snowy though:

Australian flood-destroyed towns declared natural disaster zones

Australia has it's hottest decade on record - and to top it all, another horrid heatwave heads for Adelaide. At least some folk are warm!


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