4th January - Today's News: Beijing, Seoul hit by record snowfall

Well, down to -7.7c this morning, not quite as cold as this time last year but not far off. Guess I have to stop moaning about the lack of decent frosts now! Still no snow ..... but another opportunity to get some tomorrow morning as a front moves down from the north. And as far as the duration of this cold spell is concerned, looks like it could last till Spring! I see one person in Aberdeenshire has reported 98cm of snow in their garden.

Scotland 'may slide to halt' as salt runs out

Snow stranded woman misses Christmas - I hadn't realised someone had moved in to the Cape Wrath lighthouse, let alone opened a cafe up there - making it the remotest cafe in the country! Nice spot.

Guests snowed in for New Year at UK's highest pub

First daffodils bloom despite icy weather

Cold weather triggers a bird shooting ban

But it's not just us in the Uk suffering the cold and snow:

Beijing disrupted by record snowfall

Seoul battles heaviest snow in more than 70 years

In Canada, two die as severe weather pounds Maritimes

Most of eastern U.S. in deep freeze as frigid temps break winter weather records

Meanwhile, in Brazil, Rio hotel horror as landslides kill 60

Cold wave, fog leaves north India in jitters

Kenyan families urged to move as flood death toll rises

Tajikstan earthquake leaves 20,000 homeless

Wild weather forces mass evacuations in New South Wales

Loss of sea ice stirs up Arctic waters

Indian Ocean climate event recurs quicker with global warming


  1. Good work Andy, nice selection of articles.

    98cm of snow, phew.

    Just had our first snow today on the moor. Odd winter this, yes it's cold but I like the explanations of the cold viz it being very windless so little mixing out of the cold and the lack of real cold easterlies and snow for many - I wonder if it will turn out not to be cold 'in depth'. No doubt about the severity of the snow and cold in Scotland though, again, the cold perhaps lasting because it's (for there) been so remarkably windless.

    Should be some interesting analysis in the journals later - sadly I don't these days expect more than wind ups and bull in certain internet elsewheres...


  2. Aye be very interesting to see the full analysis when this winter is over - though as today's entry highlights, it does look like this could be the coldest/snowiest winter since 1979. Just a shame some folk on certain sites still don't know the difference between weather and climate!


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