9th January - Today's News: Rare 'Snow Rollers' Seen in England

A few light flurries overnight and this morning in Evesham, but not adding anything as yet to the total snow accumulation. However more snow - mainly light and patchy but with some heavier stuff at times - looks likely for tomorrow and Monday, and there's a risk of some heavy stuff midweek if, as currently indicated by the models, a frontal system tries to push in from the SW. Just like the good old days! Interesting how, leaving the shop to walk home in the laste afternoon, it actually doesn't feel all that cold out - yet generally down to around -2.5c by 5.00pm. Must be getting used to it. Or maybe just all the layers I have to wear at work to keep warm. Guess who's heating packing in on Christmas Eve ....... ! (currently awaiting delivery of a new part).

Anyway, there are problems on the roads as Councils asked to go easy on grit spreading on the trains, with the Eurostar still affected by snow and in the air with all Dublin airport flights suspended . And whilst school kids may be enjoying being off, snow may hit thousands of exams. Of course, in the past when we had snow like this few schools shut - I only ever once had a day off school in the snow, and that was simply because the bus never turned up (the school itself was of course open). I think that was in 1979 .....

Something I've yet to see in person, are these rare self-rolling snow balls found in UK - be even better to see them actually form!

And the rest of today's frigid news:

Blizzard sweeps southern Finland

Ireland declares national emergency as arctic freeze continues

Germany prepares to face blizzard

Kamikaze iguanas fall from Florida's frozen trees

Millions across United States brace for more cold

But, of course, not everywhere is cold: Israel basks in heatwave as Europe shivers

And finally, for all you chemtrail fans: How aircraft contrails form clouds


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