27th January - Today's News: Australia records fastest wind speed ever - 253mph

Cold weather claims more lives in Europe - and yes, there are sign it could get over to Britain next month, winter looks far from over.

Peru begins airlift of stranded Machu Picchu tourists - who've been trapped there for days following heavy rain and landslides. However, the Aussie press reports Australians 'forgotten' in Peru mudslides - and one assumes that applies to many other tourists as well. The weather being a direct consequent of El Nino (as indeed is the warm weather affecting NW USA/SW Canada, and the recent cold spell in Florida)

Mount Washington loses wind speed record to Australia - the fastest gust recorded outside of a tornado is now officially 253mph (408kmh) - recorded on Barrow Island, Australia during Cyclone Olivia on 10th April 1996.

The mystery of the cause of the crash deepens as it's revealed that the crashed Ethiopian plane 'flew into Beirut storm' - despite being requested by air traffic to fly in a completely different direction.

Last Neanderthals died out in Europe 37,000 years ago

Maximum height of extreme waves up dramatically in Pacific Northwest

Ozone hole healing could cause further climate warming - in Antarctica


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