7th January - Today's News: Cold Weather Leaves Scots Pubs Without Beer!

Overnight temperatures fell to -8.5c in Evesham, but RAF Benson in Oxfordshire got down to -17.7c - the coldest temperature recorded in England for a good many years. Little surprise then that there's an ice alert after days of snow. And they still reckon another two weeks of the big free still to come. Hopefully by the weekend folk will have gotten used to it and despote firther snow and ice life we revert more or less back to normal. It's always the first spell that gets us! The economy certainly needs folk to get on with normal life as soon as possible. As do I ...... this is now effectively 2 weeks without any income for me......

Borders snow clearance battle continues

Airport chaos as icy weather grips Northern Europe

But most serious of all: cold weather leaves Scots pubs without drink!!!! (It's probably best to ignore the comments made by self professed weather history guru Salmond!)

And finally, down in South America, Tornado-like winds hit Suriname - from the report it's not clear whether they were tornadoes, microbursts or just squall-lines.


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