14th January - Today's News: Earthquake Devastates Haiti

The big thaw has finally started to set in - though not before we had another 3.5cm of snow here in Evesham yesterday. In Wales, fresh snow sparks new travel chaos, but there's no apology after A38 in Devon is blocked by snow and the Met Office to review forecasts after failing to warn public over fresh snow - though interestingly, regardless of the warnings they issued, their own NAE Mesoscale model did very accurately predict where and when the snow would fall.

Over the next couple of days, not only will temperatures rise but we'll be seeing a lot of rain coming in from the west too with already some flood alerts issued as snow begins to melt.

Advice issued on Scottish Borders 'snow mountains'

Rescuers warn walkers after an avalanche in Snowdonia

But despite the problems, we still have a sense of humour as saucy Brits strip off in the snow

Arctic could face warmer and ice free conditions

Tornado causes damage in Turkish resort town

Drought worsens in NSW despite floods

However the big news this week is the devastating earthquake that has struck Haiti - already one of the world's poorest nations and one still struggling to recover from the 2008 hurricane season.

100,000 feared dead in horrific Haiti quake

Death's pall in Haiti's streets and sky

'Thousands poured out, crying and carrying bodies'

Race against time for Haiti earthquake aid

And we worry about a little bit of snow .......


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