15th March - Today's News: Japan Earthquake Reassessed as Mag 9.0

Japan quake magnitude raised to 9.0 from 8.9

Japan quake may have slightly shortened days, moved axis - but not so much as anyone would ever know. And it's quite normal for this to happen with quakes of this magnitude.

Grim tide of death as 2,000 bodies wash up on shore

And more radiation fears after Japan blast

Meanwhile, earthquake teams arrive from around the world

And in New Zealand, no more bodies likely to be found after Christchurch earthquake

Flood chaos for Northern WA as rising water level threatens East Kimberley regions

Tremor across Cairns after small quake

In Scotland, the recent heavy snowfall raises avalanche risk in mountains

Ecuador's San Rafael falls: at risk from energy plans?

Arctic on verge of record ozone loss - and it may be in part at least down to carbon emission derived global warming (CO2 prevents outgoing radiation from reaching the stratosphere, thus as the lower atmosphere warms, the upper layers cool).

And finally, wind farms blamed for stranding of whales - a typically disingenuous headline because clearly wind farms have not been responsible for most standings, occuring before any were built or in areas far removed from them. The research actually just suggestions that wind farms could now become an additional factor.


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