30th March - Today's News: A Record Warm, Dry, Sunny March for Perth

Perth, Australia has had a record breaking hot and dry March - and we shouldn't forget a near record breaking dry March in parts of Britain too. So far only 3mm of rain in Evesham, though today and tomorrow may see a bit of wet stuff (in fact as I write, I can smell the rain ..... )

A different story in SE Asia though where Thailand tourist islands flood in deadly rains

Small earthquake hits the Highlands again. No nuclear reactors have been compromised. However radiation - at a level around 10,000 time lower than normal background radiation - has been detected in Britain. Just shows how sensitive our monitoring equipment is.

Meanwhile in Japan, amid nuclear crisis, one tsunami-devastated town embraces its atomic power plant. Not only did it come through the disaster unscathed, but it now provides a refuge for those left homeless.

And for once I agree with Sir David King: nuclear is the safest form of power, says top UK scientist

NASA satellites detect extensive drought impact on Amazon forests

Wind can keep mountains from growing

Ocean circulation play important role in transporting heat to Greenland glaciers

Vesta - is it really an asteroid? - no, it's a proto planet that, like Ceres, just never got big enough.

And is this a new form of 'green' power generation? river water and salty ocean water used to generate electricity - in theory, entirely 'renewal' and no by products. And given that many major cities are on river estuaries, this could be a way of creating energy where it's actually needed.


  1. Namibia: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-12913487
    Contrails: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn20304-contrails-warm-the-world-more-than-aviation-emissions.html

    The full paper seems to be freely available at the NS link (bottom of article).


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