19th March - Today's News: Nuclear Concerns Overshadow Real Tragedy in Japan

Japan nuclear plant power 'close' - hopefully this weekend will see the end of teh crises and millions of embarrassed Americans come out of hiding, wondering what to do with the tone of potassium iodide they'd just spend their life savings on. I wholly agree with this assessment: Japan nuclear threat: the tsunami is the bigger tragedy

But for Japan tsunami survivors, woes keep mounting. Note though the humanity of the Japanese military: Two soldiers picked through the rubble and placed personal effects such as photographs in a box so that survivors might be able to reclaim cherished memories. "They belong to someone," said one. "You never know."

There were also thousands of seabird killed near Hawaii by the tsunami.

Storm spawns snow, tornado, in Northern California

New study shows the record breaking 2010 Eastern European/Russian heatwave was the most extreme in at least 500 years.

And a slightly bizarre story as the Bangkok Posts reports cold weather kills old man after overnight temperatures in Thailand fell to 16c


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