5th March - Today's News: Soot Affects Climate More Than CO2

More strong evidence of non carbon emission derived anthropogenic climate change as it's discovered that soot packs a punch on Tibetan plateau. But there are still reasons to cut emissions as it's also found that carbon dioxide also exacerbates oxygen toxicity.

Residents flee Bolivia's Mega Mudslide

No let up for Queensland yet with a cyclone alert as sodden state faces month of heavy falls

Dozens of merchant vessels stuck in pack ice in Gulf of Bothnia (thanks top Peter for spotting that one!)

Snowboarders die in Finnmark mountain storm

Good news from Christchurch with hopes the death toll may be less than feared after no bodies found in cathedral rubble - it had been thought up to 22 tourists could have been in or near the tower when it collapsed.

Another climate satellite fails to make orbit as NASA Glory mission ends in failure

And, as expected, Brazil court reverses Amazon Monte Belo dam suspension

Arctic blooms occurring earlier: Phytoplankton peak arising 50 days earlier

Shrinking tundra, advancing forests: how the Arctic will look by century's end. Note to the deniers: that does not mean next week. Or even 5 years time.

Some Antarctic ice is forming on the bottom

And finally, I'm intrigued by the content of this story: Walker's refuge in Cairngorms to be refurbished - because it makes no mention at all that it's the MBA who'll be doing the work and thereafter maintaining the building!


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