8th March - Today's News: Snow Brings Chaos to Greece

First up, thanks to everyone who has started passing on relevant news stories that I've missed or not spotted yet - this is great and makes the site even better! Keep it up. If you post the url under comments, I'll then add it in to my next blog entry so it remains searchable for future reference.

And on that note we have some absolutely stunning photos from Africa of the Nyiragongo Crater: journey to the centre of the world found by Adam (Skanky). All I can say is Wow!

There are some more stunning picture showing the drama of Britain's beautiful weather taken by Kris Dutson in today's Mail.

And we're back to lava, as Hawaiian volcano erupts, producing fiery images but no damage

But headline news today is about Greece snow: bad weather brings chaos to Athens roads. Such weather isn't that unusual in winter and they often get more snow than we do in Britain, but it's quite late in the season for this much and a big contrast to recent mild temperatures. It was, though, well predicted and reports suggest conditions aren't as bad as it appeared they might be.

And winter continues across the Atlantic too as Eastern Canada smacked with late season snowstorm

We had a winter of contrasts in Britain: after an exceptionally cold December, near average January and very mild February the net result is a winter that was not nearly so cold overall as last year.

Christchurch quake mapped from space

And more floods add misery cyclone hit Qld town of Cardwell


  1. Those KD pictures are excellent. Hadn't seen them before, but a quick Google reveals his stuff's for sale:


    NB yesterday's picture of the volcano was from NASA's Earth Observatory 's Image of the Day - which is worth following.


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