26th March - Today's News: Over 3,700 Fishermen Missing, Presumed Dead, After Tropical Storm

Burma earthquake: at least 75 people killed - sounds pretty serious? Well, to put it into perspective there are currently over 3,700 Burmese fishermen still missing, presumed dead after being caught in a tropical storm earlier this month. However the latter story has received almost no media coverage whatsoever. Indeed, I only just picked the story up myself. Hopefully today's headline helps redress the balance.

Large grass fires tackled by crews across Wales - it's the start of the British 'wildfire season' and recent dry weather hasn't helped. Should be some rain next week though.

Apparently, British Summer Time lets us strengthen our relationship with nature. Not quite sure how when all it means is we lose an hour of daylight. When I get up on Monday morning (I may have a slight lie-in tomorrow as its Sunday) it'll be about 7.00am. Yesterday, it was about 6.00am. So I've lost an hour. What good is that? An hour less of listening to the birds in the morning, sitting in the garden in the sun, relaxing ..... Oh well, at least the spectre of Alpha Time has been defeated.

Antarctic icebergs play a previously unknown role in global carbon cycle, climate

Glacier findings upset climate theory - though I can't quite figure what it upsets exactly? Does look like there's a lot more to come from this research though.

Palm oil giants target Africa in 'land grab' following Indonesia deforestation ban
- so having destroyed the climate of one area they move on to another like the nasty hegemonising swarm they are. And worst of all, we don't just allow it, we encourage it by demanding palm oil - a substance which we can all live quite happily without (alternatives are available and we survived for millenia without it). But which many will not live happily, if at all, because of (climate change, landslides, floods and droughts are the immediate local consequence of mass deforestation).


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