22nd March - Today's News: More Australian Floods: This Time NSW Gets Hit

More heavy rain in Australia, and this time natural disaster declared for NSW south coast after heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Desperation is setting in in the Denier's camp. They're now having to resort to claiming that the fact a US ski centre was stormbound on Sunday 'proves' there is no long term underlying global warming trend! You couldn't make it up ...... Read more at WUWT (where else?).

It's probably not worth telling then that for much of England and Wales, there was no snowfall at all this winter (based on 21 Dec - 20 Mar) - the last here in Evesham was on the 22nd December, but not everywhere saw any that day. The lack of even sleet in Jan, Feb and Mar is totally unprecedented in my records, and in my memory, (though I concede it may have happened before).

That said, it's only fair to report that more snow hits Califiornia's Sierra, setting records. Obviously they pinched all ours!

There's been stop-start work at Japan reactors

And a good piece by George Monbiot worth reading on why Japan nuclear crisis should not carry weight in atomic energy debate

Further evidence Native Americans modified American landscape years prior to arrival of Europeans


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