28th March - Today's News: Normal Weather Forecast

Apparently, Britain set for 'brolly and sunblock' summer - in other words, normal weather. Although this is, of course, just Jonathan Powell's forecast and not a proper meteorological one.

Burmese quake toll 'over 150' while the latest news after the tropical storm earlier this month is that 102 Myanmarese fishermen rescued so far from A&N - but thousands are still missing.

And in Japan, community spirit shines through in Japan's dark times while Japan nuclear plant data error was 'unacceptable'. And another strong quake prompts tsunami warning - but this was later cancelled.

Warming brings unwelcome change to Alaska villages

In Switzerland: avalanche leaves four dead

In Jaipur, India, State feels the heat in March, April to be worse with record temperatures being predicted.

Drillers propose deep-Earth quest

Tasmania's rain forest at risk from mining

A new large-scale assessment has found that freshwater content of upper Arctic Ocean increased 20 percent since 1990s - obvious conclusion being that this is due in increased glacier melt.


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