25th March - Today's News: Earthquake Hits Burma

There's been a Burma earthquake: more than 60 killed. It may be connected to the one earlier this month just across the border in China.

And in the Japan tsunami: toll tops 10,000 two weeks after quake whilst icy rain, fuel shortages hamper relief to quake-hit Japan.

UK tops temperature tables - but the rest of the headline is a tad misleading since only northeastern parts will see much rain on Saturday; for most of us it'll be a dry weekend with a fine day on Sunday for nearly everyone.

It may be spring in Britain, but over in N America winter holds on. In Toronto, packed snow causes scores of crashed during icy commute while in the US they've had snow, tornadoes and hailstorms as driver dies in icy conditions while a North California storm floods creeks, destroys beaver dam (that is a dam built by beavers btw, apparently a local tourist attraction).

But further south, worst Texas drought in 44 years damaging wheat crop, reducing cattle herds

Sparked by a recent eruption, Hawaii wildfire theatens protected rainforest

Autumn sunshine turns up Brisbane heat - which'll probably be a bit of a shock to the system for my Dad who's just flown out there to visit my brother and family.

There's another tropical cyclone heading for NZ

A new study shows ocean wind and waves faster and higher

Cutting carbon dioxide could help prevent droughts, new research shows - but so too could not burning down rainforests.

And the NSIDC have announced that Arctic sea ice ties record for smallest winter size - despite the cold winter and the fact global warming is a myth ..... ! And no surprise the usual suspects are questioning it - though reduced in this case to claiming the headline is misleading since Arctic winter sea ice cover usually extends beyond the Arctic circle ..... Desperate or what?


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