7th March - Today's News: Heavy Snow Means 800 Times As Many Midges

Oh what a beautiful morning! After the first proper frost since January, today for the first time I can remember this year dawns bright and clear and sunny. That early morning sun does make a difference. And good news too that the Govt have scrapped the idea of proposing a shift to alpha time. So in years to come, March will still be welcomed in by sunshine and not darkness. Although the new May Day bank holiday plans unveiled seem if anything even more ludicrous. Why do away with the May Bank Holiday in England and Wales, and move it to April 23rd and March 1st respectively? If they want a new bank holiday for our saint's days then add a new one - as happens in N Ireland and Scotland. Keep May Day across the country (not just in N Ireland and Scotland) and shift the late May bank holiday to June 21st. You know it makes sense .....

Anyway, to the weather news. And it's bad news I'm afraid. Very bad news. Heavy snow means 800 times as many midges!

I'll not tarnish this blog with stories from the Daily Mail and others suggesting severe wintry weather is returning to Britain this week (utter codswhallop - there'll be snow over northern hills as there is every March, and that's about it). But credit to the Mail for once again bringing us some great pictures, this time the stunning satellite image of a volcano's most dangerous threat in the frozen extremity of Russia.

Exercise Watermark to test UK's flood response - despite the cold January and December last year, I strongly believe that flooding is a bigger risk than cold and snow for Britain in the coming decades. Something like 2007 will happen again.

US 'tornado' smashes town of Rayne, Louisiana killing a young mother as she protected her son.

Overall, Australia has second wettest summer on record - well, I did say it'd be a wet one!

And good news (possibly) for some wild flowers as Snowdon lily fans get a warm glow from our cold winters


  1. http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2011/02/nyiragongo_crater_journey_to_t.html


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