21st March - Today's News: Ships Run Aground As 'Supermoon' Lowers Tides

Well, the 'super' full moon on Saturday didn't cause any earthquakes, but but we did have five ships run aground off British coast as lunar phenomenon lowers tide.

The first day of Spring bring winters to Los Angeles but it was a fine weekend here in Britain where winter blues make way for a riot of colour as Spring officially begins.

There's Japan nuclear progress as toll up - it's likely the final death toll will be in excess of 20,000.

And some good news as two survivors found in quake-hit Japan city Ishinomaki - after being trapped for 8 days.

Landslide closes picturesque Highway 1 on the Californian coast.

New research suggests that North Atlantic ocean currents play greater role in absorption of carbon than previously thought.


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