11th June 2012 - Today's News: Flash Floods hit Yorkshire and SE England

In Wales, flood-risk villages return home to Pennal in Gwynedd, having been evacuated due to fears a dam would breach.  The 'dam' was actually formed of debris from former quarry workings (I assume in Cwm Ebol), and not a deliberate man-made structure as many reports may have suggested.  Meanwhile, Dol-y-Bont resident Jason Hughes recalls 'awful flood'.   And whilst there is a call for action to avoid repeat as clean up continues, the fact is that there's nothing we can do to prevent this sort of thing, which has happened before, occuring somewhere or other again.   Not that politicians are ever interested in reality.   And I daresay some are already looking at whom to blame .....  better get God on the blower!

Heavy rain yerstday led to the M1 in Yorkshire closed in flash flooding whilst the River Wear 'remains too unsafe' for Durham Regatta.   Today, parts of southern Britain on flood alert as month's worth of rain falls in 24 hours with Worthing hospital and Littlehampton homes flooded - and possibly more to come through today.   Many roads in both Yorkshire and the SE are closed by flooding this morning.

And back in Wales, John Mason has put together an excellent, detailed report on the great flood of June 9th 2012

And it's not just us suffering wet weather:

In Western Australia, boats, jetties blown away by storm

And just as you thought you could escape all the bad weather by heading for the Med .... earthquake strikes holiday hotspots in Greece and Turkey, leaving seven injured


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