12th June - Today's News: Wildfires Sweep Western USA

As homes evacuated after floods (some good pictures there) rain battered Britain at risk of further flooding - more rain is expected across most parts later this week.  It's looking very much like a repeat of 2007, though here in Evesham, although we've already had more than the normal rainfall for the whole month, totals are not nearly as bad as they were that year.

Osprey chick dies at Dyfi reserve after bad weather - as reported live in Facebook at the weekend.  There were some impressive scenes of flooding on Springwatch last night too.  Meanwhile,  mines pollution fears investigated.

Tornadoes spotted in Co Donegal (it's not certain whether it actually touched down though, so atm it's just a very impressive funnel cloud)

In Taiwan. landslide in Nantou kills two, injures one, after heavy rain

New evidence supporting theory of extraterrestrial impact - the Clovis Comet hypothesis has returned from the dead and is starting to look stronger than ever.   It may partially explain why there was such a large megafaunal die off - especially in the Americas - at the end of the last ice age compared with the termination of previous glacial.   With human predation tipping the balance further towards extinction for species whose number were already decimated both by the consequences of the impact and more general climate change (remember: simple theories are rarely right.  It's not a case of either/or, but, in most cases, a combination of everything)

Global warming threat seen in fertile soil of northeastern US forests - basically, as the soil warms so it releases CO2 which (in theory) leads to more warming.   And it's suggested that humans are primary cause of global ocean warming over past 50 years - though I know a few folk who'd strongly refute that!


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