27th June 2012 - Wildfire Situation Worsens in US

The situation worsens in the US where towering Colorado wildfire devours homes, forces partial closure of Air Force Academy whilst another fire west of Boulder also threatening southern part of city.   Some photos of the Waldo Canyon fire here.   And from space, NASA satellites see wildfires across Colorado.

And cloud seeding not really an option during wildfire season - because there aren't any clouds to seed

It hasn't been helped by the temperatures, with Denver recording it's highest ever June maxima as record setting heat wave roast Rockies, Plains, headng east.  

Snow and ice closes roads in both islands in NZ with a fifty-year snowfall on 'temperate' coast.   Hmmm, NZ had a dull, wet summer and now we're having a dull, wet summer - is another cold winter on the cards for Britain?  There's no reason there should be a connection of course, but it does seems sometimes we coincidently (?) follow the trend set by the antipodes. 

Another possible hint at a cold winter comes as Arctic sea ice shrinks to lowest June extent ever observed - low ice extent in recent years has also coincided with an increased incidence of cold winter weather in Britain.   Time to stock up on grit perhaps?

Uganda abandons landslide rescue bid for buried - about 70 people are thought to have died in this latest landslide there, which once again looks to have been down to deforestation of hillsides.    And heavy rains and landslides in Bangladesh kill 50  as the region experiences some of the worst monsoon rains in years


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