13th June - Today's News: Greenland Records Highest Ever May Temperature

Greenland sees hottest May temperatures on record - and only just below their all time highest temperature.

Overall it's proving a very wet late spring/early summer although here in Evesham amounts are nowhere near what they were in 2007.  But there's more to come later this week .....   At least it all means three water firms are to lift hosepipe bans - though why anyone would want to use a hosepipe at the moment beats me!

One I missed yesterday, as Belfast flash floods cause chaos on Monday

Video footage as a tornado sweeps across Venice

Good news as EU Council agrees to end fish discards - which basically saw millions of tonnes of fish caught each year and then thrown back into the sea because the species wasn't part of the permitted quota.  Astoundingly idiotic even for a Golgafrincham!  Bad news though as it's going to take them years to implement the change .....   As an aside, how about setting fishermen a fix tonnage of fish per year - it's then up to them to try and catch the most profitable species and not netting a full quota load of jellyfish and starfish .... 

Woolly mammoth extinction has lessons for modern climate change - good to see that my 'holistic hypothesis' (ie it was several factors, not one alone) is once again being proposed.  I think it's finally made the mainstream!


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