29th June - Today's News: Britain Hit by Massive Thunderstorms

Quite an exciting day yesterday with 3 supercell storms tracking across England, a huge amount of lighting, flash flooding, tornadoes and hailstones over 3" wide.   Here in Evesham we had a few grumbles of thunder and a breif downpour that produced over 4mm of rain ....

It all started on Wednesday night in Ireland with chaos as front from Spain leads to huge downpours in Cork and in Belfast residents clearing up after ordeal

Then, through yesterday:

Man found dead as downpours cause chaos

Storm causes flash flood havoc in Worcestershire

153 lightning strikes a minute and hailstones the size of golf balls as supertorm hits the Midlands and sweeps north

Freak hail storm drive insurance claims

Flooding in Northeast prompts evacuations and power cuts

Landslides and fire disrupt trains as rains hit Scotland

In Lincolnshire, brief video as  tornado hits Sleaford area

And today, travel disruption continues 

Good news though for kids as bad weather leads to broccoli 'crises'

But we're not the only ones with bad weather:

Environment Canada gets 500 reports of tornadoes in 36 hours in Saskatchewan - and afterwards, amazing clouds grace skies over Saskatchewan.  Great photos of mammatus there.

Assam hit by worst floods in 8 years whilst across the border, Banglasdesh calls off rescue after flood kill 110

Though some better news as weather brings some relief from raging Colorado wildfires - and it's suggested that lack of spring snow primed Colorado wildfires

And here's an odd one - it's claimed that 2011 saw the number of  road deaths increase due to lack of snow.   Which is totally nonsensical.   There may have been less snow in 2011 than in 2010 but there was also less snow in 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 ......  Though being the Telegraph, I can't be sure the DoT have been accurately quoted.

Sounds like good news: Africa's savanna's may become forests by 2100, study suggests - bad news though for savanna species already losing habitat to farming.

Roll of urban greenery in CO2 exchange demonstrated

A blow to sceptics as although climate change fears overblown, says ExxonMobile boss, he acknowledges that burning fossil fuels is causing global warming.   And I'm inclined to agree with him: we will adapt and survive, although for some that will prove more expensive than for others.   Where I disagree is that it'll be much cheaper - and better all round - if we just cut our energy consumption.  And should we still be so reliant on Victorian technology for our energy needs?   But then, I didn't become a billionaire by selling oil.

Super-tornadoes spotted in the Sun

Earth's oldest known impact crater found in Greenland

Evidence of life on Mars could come from Martian moom Phobos

And slightly off topic, the very first pottery invented in China to cook food and brew alcohol - so there you have it, human advancement has always just been about finding easier ways to get drunk!


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