30th June - Today's News: Millions Without Power in US Heatwave

Rainy weather breaks UK record for 3 months to June - but not in Evesham where 2007 was wetter, and this month looks set to be only the wettest June since 2009.  And the Sutton and East Surrey Water hosepipe ban remains, despite the rain.

Northeast cleans up after worst storm in living memory, while the east and west coast lines reopen after both were closed due to landslides and other problems on Thursday and Friday, severing all rain links between England and Scotland.  

And well done to UKww member Chris Bell as the EADT posts amazing storm pictures shot by East Anglian weatherman.

I've yet to see any nocties myself this year (mostly been too cloudy) but some stunning picture here of rare blue 'night-shining clouds'  pictured at dusk over Endinburgh's landmark rail bridge

Delieberate, manmade fires threaten to 'extinguish' critical Indonesian orang u tang population - and all so the west can have lots and lots of cheap palm oil that we could all quite happily do without. 


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