20th June 2012 - Victoria Shook by Earthquake

Don't blame the weather - it's those forecasters!  Says a Felixstow caravan park owner.   Though I'm not sure where he got the idea that all caravan parks in Southern England were on flood alert last weekend from?

Curbs in sulphur emissions do their job as acid rain all but eliminated over Britain - until we start pumper sulphur back into the atmosphere to curb global warming, that is ....

And a slightly strange story from India where it's claimed that less carbon emission slows snow melt - apparently it's being suggested that since fewer cars have been using a Himalayan pass this year, and less CO2 is being emitted there, it's colder and the snow is not melting as quickly as last year .....  So reversing that logic,  if you want a heatwave in Britain this summer, get in your car and drive!!!


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