26th June - Today's News: B.C. Floods Cause More Problems

Young mother killed while shielding her daughter, three, as tornado ravaged their home in Florida at the weekend.  They were flung 200 yards from their mobile home, but the child is expected to survive.   Meanwhile NASA sees Tropical Storm Debby's clouds blanket Florida.

Study slashes deforestation carbon estimates - though of course, some of us argue that it's not the resultant CO2 emissions from deforestation that are of primary concern.

Greenland ice may exaggerate magnitude of 13,000 year deep freeze - the Younger Dryas certainly occurred, but maybe wasn't so dramatically cold in Greenland as current ice core analysis suggests

Well here's a surprise (not!) UK homes getting more hungry for electricity - well, it's so cheap and readily available so why switch off when we can leave on, eh?  


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