25th June - Today's News: 8 Reported Killed by South African Tornado

In South Africa,  freak storm batters Vaal.   It's reported that up to 8 die in path of twister with another 76 injured.

Most of Britain will have a short break from wet weather as temperatures rise but in the meantime the Daily Mail give us lots of pictures of flooding from the weekend.

Tropical Storm Debby leaves once woman dead in Florida as heavy rain and tornadoes hit the state

Scientists warn US east coast over accelerated sea level rise - sea level isn't uniform around the world to start with, and some places will see faster rises than others.   The latest in the ever changing, no-two-reports-the-same world of sea level rise predictions is for a significant sea level rise in two degree warmer world.   

Meanwhile, Greater Los Angeles to heat up by an average 4 to 5 degrees by mid century - but being American, that's degree fahrenheit

And giant pylons for wind farms planned for National Parks - but who in the SE cares if it means they can leave the lights on all night?


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