22nd June - Today's News: Flood Causes $80m Damage in Minnesota

Chris back to tropical storm after hours as seasons 1st Atlantic hurricane far off Canada - it's now heading towards Britain.   And a new storm may be brewing in Gulf of Mexico.  The question is: will Debby do Dallas?  ( Sorry ..... )

Floods cause rock festival chaos on the Isle of Wight - I shall be watching the concerts - especially Springsteen on Sunday -  from the comfort of my leather recliner at home!   And there's a floods warning in North West England as heavy rain due overnight whilst more flood alerts return for counties hit  by major flooding in Wales.

And in Germany too, weather watchers warn of washout weekend

A tornado hits Long Sutton in Lincolnshire

More nonsense about 'deliberately pessimistic weather forecasts scaring tourists away' - with, intriguingly, another caravan park owner, this time from Painton, reported as saying they had heard that "all caravan parks were on flood alert" last weekend.

Huge dump of snow hits ski fields in Australia and to lower levels there's also been snow reported in SA, as rain drenches area

I'm not surprised to hear that cloud seeding is a failed mission in Karnataka - and I suppose it failed in Ukraine as well, weren't they planning in using cloud seeding to prevent it raining during the Euro Football?

And it looks like Arctic sea ice at record low level for the time of year, though its a long way to go before it reaches it's summer minimum

Stonehenge revellers mark summer solstice - although the solstice this year actually occurred on the 20th June and there's no evidence (nor logical reason) for supposing our ancestors celebrated the longest day, as opposed to the winter solstice which, marking the 'return of the sun' was, for more primitive people, something of great importance.


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