7th June - Today's News: Summer Brings More Rain, Cold, Storms to Britain

Bit of a catch up today - apologies for any stories over the past week that I've missed!   Normal service will resume shortly ....

You can tell it's summer in Britain as west coast residents urged to stay indoors as winter storm batters Britain - suppose I should be glad I'm not still in Wales!   But at least Wet weather averts drought risk in England

However it's been drier in Scotland where, at the weekend, wildfires rage across Highlands

In Bahrain it's been the hottest May for 100 years

Warming climate sees tundra turn to forest  - all we need now are some woolly mammoths ....


  1. Test...I *might* be able to post comments on Blogger again , now.

  2. Looks like it. Normally they vanish after a few seconds. Not that I've got anything worthwhile to say (at the moment), but I had wanted to post some links every now and then over the last few months. Too late to go trawling back through, now.


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