11th April - Today's News: Mapleton Tornado Destroys 100 Homes

Small western Iowa town reeling after tornado destroys about 100 homes

Warning as tide traps 93 people in north-west England and the spell of warm (and dry) weather has led to a rash of fires: 40 firefighters tackle mountain fire near Barmouth in Wales (this was subsequently put out after 9 hours), a fire at Huddersfield's Marston Moor threatens animals and there was also a fire at Ramshaw Rocks in Staffordshire Peak District. All upland areas should get some rain this week though to reduce further risk.

Meanwhile, Isles of Scilly turn heat on Jersey over 'warmest place in Britain' claim - which is daft really because London and much of the SE is generally warmer than both in summer!

Japan rattled by another 7.1-magnitude aftershock but no tsunami; no new damage at nuke plant

In New Mexico, high winds sweep through state wreaking havoc

Medicine Hat braces for floods but Fargo escapes the worst of the annual Red River flood

Spring snow surprises parts of Bulgaria but in Switzerland, high temperatures rewrite record books

West Antarctic warming triggered by warmer sea surface in tropical Pacific

A JMT Report questions wind power's ability to deliver electricity when most needed and, perhaps inevitably, John Muir Trust's wind farm report prompts angry response from Scottish Renewables - though oddly they don't seem to have any response to the actual problem! One which has been highlighted several times in the past on this blog. Perhaps they should provide data showing much higher production of electricity in January 2010 (for example) than this report and others claim? That's if they can ..... Meanwhile, blimp to be used in Druim Ba wind farm protest.


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