26th April - Today's News: 5 Dead, Many Missing After Arkansas Storms

Breaking news from the US: 'the town's gone': five dead as storm slams Ark, with many still unaccounted for. And levees ready to burst as rain pounds central US.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Manitoba couple sells car to pay for sand to protect doomed home as spring flooding continues.

No such problems here. It was 28.1c in my garden in Saturday, with an official UK max of 27.8c at Wisley, the second hottest April day since 1893, with April set to be warmest on record as Britain basks in the sun. And we even had a thunderstorm to boot! A good hour of constant thunder though sadly not much rain with it. Garden is looking very dry indeed....

The record heat and dry spell has meant a North York Moors fire week after alert while in Dorset, Wimbourne heathland destroyed by fire.

And somewhat earlier than last year, the Scottish ski season comes to an end

A little cooler this week though and maybe a spot of rain in London on Friday as forecasters predict thunder storms in London for Royal wedding - a scenario that had been picked up by forecast models a week ago. I think a cooler than of late - though by no means cold, and fairly cloudy day looks likely, though mostly dry. At the moment Saturday looks more likely to see some heavier, thundery, showers.

In NZ, they've been experiencing a wild weather system 'worse than Bola'

And in Brazil: dozens die in floods and landslides

Climate change to reduce US west water supply

It appears that - as some of us protested at the time - Branson and O'Leary 'were wrong' to deny ash-cloud risk after last years Icelandic volcano eruption.

And in Japan, a huge troop search for quake and tsunami bodies is underway, with around 12,000 people still unaccounted for.


  1. The weekends hail maybe worth a mention
    Sheffield: (sorry can't find a better story)


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