15th April - Today's News: After Dry March, a Record Warm April?

In Britain, summer drought looms following 'driest March for 60 years'. In some places (like Evesham) this month looks like it could be even drier. But in any case, record breaking April will be a warm month despite showers. And for those looking forward to a certain wedding at the end of this month, History hints at sunshine on big day. As indeed, does current model output. Rather warm and sunny although a risk of some thundery showers in the south.

And in the Caribbean, Cuba faces its worst drought for 50 years

2 people killed as storms tear through Oklahoma

Colombia mudslide engulfs bus after heavy rain - at least 14 killed

Alberta smacked by April snowstorm

India's much loved alphonso mango hit by poor weather - I bet that gets used somewhere as 'proof' of global cooling .... But in contrast, there's also an early asparagus crop in Cornwall 'due to weather'.

Loch fossils show life harnessed sun and sex early on - as much as a billion years ago.

Climate change from black carbon depends on altitude the soot reaches in the atmosphere.

Yellowstone supervolcano's size exceeds expectations

At long last, solar activity heats up - NASA had originally predicted the current cycle (24) would be extremely active and peak in 2011 or 2012!

And finally, Scotland's watershed route mapped out for hikers - though quite why beats me.


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