22nd April - Today's News: Smog Warming Issued for England & Wales

First up, happy 18th to Nicole! Hope the weather's as warm and sunny in Brisbane today as it is here in Evesham. And that you don't have too bad a hangover tomorrow morning ...... !

Mind, it is a tad hazy here today - a lot of pollution in the lower atmosphere at the moment under this slack high pressure system. And as a result Defra have issued a smog alert for England and Wales - smog here meaning photochemical pollution rather than the 'pea-soupers' of Victorian London (and, indeed the 1950s). Jenny Jones of the Green Party thinks smog warnings should be a part of weather forecasts - although here main concern is simply that London is still so badly polluted. Indeed, London's air pollution levels hit eight year high. Smog warnings are not uncommon in the height of summer, but it's very usual to have one issued so early in the year. Mind, it's also unusual to have so a prolonged hot spell so early in the year. The actual Defra release is here.

Although some showers are possible over the next few days the threat of 'tinderbox' North York Moors is likely to continue for some time yet. It really has been a very dry spring in some parts of Britain. Sadly a lot of fires are started deliberately, especially in Wales where heath fire in Storey Arms and Penderyn 'deliberate' - there was a 10 mile fire front at one stage - leading to fire chief's plea over Welsh Easter holiday grass arson

Dozens missing after Philippines landslide while in Colombia: mudslides cause major damage in Utica

Six weeks before the start of the hurricane season, and already forecasters watching early Atlantic storm. But some good news, satellites can predict storm intensity to give us better warning of incoming storms.

Ozone hole has dried Australia, scientists find - basically the Antarctic ozone hole has causes hemispheric weather systems to change leading to drier conditions in Australia. Indeed, the ozone hole linked to climate change all the way to the equator.

Melting ice on Arctic islands a major player in sea level rise

Clouds, clouds, burning bright - or rather nocties, and lots of interesting info on them in this article.


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