4th April - Today's News - Driest March for 40 Years in UK

Weekend gave me my first overnight camping trip of the year; just a gentle wander around the Llangattock escarpment in South Wales to loosen up the muscles. Good to get away to some real peace and quiet! Fortunately I was back home in time to hear the first thunder of the year in Evesham yesterday afternoon. Only the one big crack, but nice to hear it - last time was August 2010. Also had the first heavy downpour of rain in ages. No doubt good for the weeds .....

And we certainly need the rain, with March driest month for 40 years (and though this is from the Mirror, the figure was confirmed on last night's BBC Countryfile weather forecast).

There were record high temperatures over weekend in Switzerland. And as a result of recent high temperatures, the snowpack is very unstable and a 'gigantic' avalanche kills three.

In northern Australia there's rain and wind, but it's all clear for the cyclone that wasn't

In Canada, Calgary walloped by heavy snow

Wildfires rage across five States of parched southwest USA

Glaciers in Chile melt at 'fastest rate in 350 years' - more accurately, they are currently melting faster than at any time since they began retreating after the peak of the Little Ice Age.

Brazil banks sued for Amazon deforestation

Indonesia lifts tsunami alert after earthquake off Java

Hundreds of Myanmar fishermen still missing - though a majority of those feared dead have now been found.

And in Namibia: floods cause an emergency


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