6th April - Today's News: Severe Storms Sweep Southeast USA

In the US on Monday, high winds, storms blow through much of the south; at least 9 killed, thousands without power.

And it's not just been very dry in England (Scotland, especially the west, is getting hammered with rain again today, btw) as Oklahoma sees driest 4 months since Dust Bowl.

In NZ, one freed from debris after tornado rips roof (and congratulations to the Otago Times for not prefixing it with 'mini' - unlike most other media sources!)

Thailand flood death toll rises as rains ease

Apparently, Arctic Ocean freshwater will cause 'unpredictable changes on climate' - or, if your not a journalist, could possible cause some changes, but most probably will have little or no effect at all. You'll notice that despite the headline, no-one is quoted as saying anything will happen at all. The truth doesn't sell though. The booklet produced by CLAMER - on which this story is supposedly based - should eventually be available to download here.

Still, at least the Guardian is a bit more accurate than the Telegraph which falsely tells it's readers that "Average temperatures in Britain could fall by several degrees due to a massive pool of melted ice water heading south from the arctic, scientists have warned. " In which respect it's worth noting that the 8.2KA Event - when the Lake Aggasiz emptied into the Atlantic, in a matter of months, for the last time, triggering a switch off of the NAD, temperatures across Europe 'plumetted' by no more than 2c. The Gulf Stream (or rather NAD) does not warm Britain by between 5c and 10c! But what do you expect from the lowly gutter press that the once respected Telegraph has become?

It's now confirmed there's been record loss of ozone over the Arctic and further that record depletion of Arctic ozone layer causing increased UV radiation in Scandinavia. If you're out in the hills this spring, don't forget the sun cream!

Climate 'technical fix' may yield warming, not cooling - another warning of the law of unintended consequence and reason why we should avoid further geoengineering to rectify the problems we're already causing. Far better to tackle the root cause.

MCT's Skye tidal energy plan sparks direct action row

There's another prediction that warmer climate will bring fewer but more intense cyclones

Another nice story for all my canine readers as Japan tsunami dog reunited with owner

As well as protecting shores from tsunamis and tidal surges, declining mangroves shield against global warming.

However, better news for southern lawnmower salesmen as Antarctic growing green with grass.

And finally, the Cypriot Green party have donned their tinfoil hats ....... Greens call for Chemtrails to be investigated - as if hundreds of papers published in the past few decades on contrails wasn't enough! Trouble is, when loonies like this fall for the Hoax it appears to legitimise it in the eyes of other foolish and ignorant people .....


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