23rd April - Today's News: Possible Record Warm Easter on the Cards

Smog alert stepped up: air pollution gets worse as the country basks in the hottest Easter weekend ever! - pollution haze very visible here in the morning, though it eased a bit yesterday as the breeze picked up. Very warm here with 27.1c in my garden yesterday afternoon (though that's about 2c above the local official maximum). There were some showers further west yesterday with quite a bit of thunder in places. More widespread showers expected this afternoon - and yes, the gardens really do need the rain atm. The hot dry weather means a barbeque and camp fire warning in Peak District while more that 60 firefighters tackle Antrim gorse fire

In the US, cooler, wet weather gives Texas firefighters a break. In Colorado, Vail breaks its single-season snow record and theres been fresh snow this weekend in places, with spring storms conspiring against Glacier Park plow crews. A contrast to here where we've not seen any snow at all this year!

St Louis airport closed indefinitely after reported tornado

Earth recovered from prehistoric global warming faster than previously thought - though it still took tens of thousands of years.


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