13th April - Today's News: More Concerns Over Shale Oil as Biofuels Deemed 'Unethical'

Natural gas from shale contributes to global warming more than other gas because it contains a higher methane concentration. It appears it's even worse than coal (though it probably doesn't cause quite so much cancer - see below). There are of course also other environmental concerns with the fracking controversy: using water sand and chemicals to extract natural gas from shale and here we meet the families whose live have been ruined by gas drilling.

On the subject of the dangerous of fossil fuels, Oklahoma town fears cancer, asthma may be linked to dump site

Meanwhile, radiation from Fukushima spreads, but threat to rest of the world is low - much, much, less than living near a coal ash dump. And how does Fukushima differ from Chernobyl?

And EU Biofuel targets are unethical, inquiry finds - I'm not sure about it violating human rights (except perhaps the right to live in a society that puts logical common sense and the good of all before personal greed and avarice) but it's certainly damaging to the environment.

But if we can't use gas or coal or oil or nuclear or wind or biofuels ...... what's left?! Well, in Wales, an Aberaeron farmer hails solar power 'success'. So it's not all bad news on the power front.

If you're in the UAE, be careful, crazy weather ahead: swirling sand, slippery roads, rough seas.

Dry weather sinks Swiss water levels - and there are growing concerns in some parts of Britain too with April now looking like being another dry month in some parts. And rather warm with high pressure returning at the weekend and probably hanging around through Easter. Of course, the last time we had a really warm, dry, April was 2007 ...... Those, like myself and Philip Eden, who correctly called an early spring and mild February are also now wondering if another wet summer might be on the cards. And another consequence for Britain has been that dry weather brings poor air. However the mild weather has meant Britain's spring flowers bloom early. This year's very early spring though is NOT in itself evidence of global warming or a shift in climate patterns.

But it's not as bad here as in the US where high wind and drought fuel wildfires in west Texas. Though in contrast, in the north, North Dakota set for Red River crest; rural areas awash. There is also near record flooding forecast for Saskatchewan

But at last, one Australian town emerges from months of flood isolation and further south, snow arrives two months early. Which I think happened last year as well, preceding a rather poor season.

A Polish climate scientist warns: Europe faces drought and flood burden

Another active Atlantic hurricane season predicted

Over on WUWT they've been getting their knickers all twisted because NOAA has dared to issue it's normal March Climate summary in the same format as usual. Though they may have a point insofar as NOAA do not seem to issue press releases every single month. Occassionally they forget to do so. And, like December 2010, these appear to be when the month was below average ..... (albeit Dec 2010 was only just below)

And finally, is Europe about to move under Africa as direction of tectonic plates shifts? Maybe. But it'll be a few million years before Evesham gets anywhere close!


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