27th April - Today's News: Death Toll Rises in US Storms

Girl, 3, among ten dead in storm after tree crashes through roof of her family home as Arkansas flood death toll rises to nine (as usual, the Daily Mail, for all its faults, has the best pictures). And whilst powerful Texas tornadoes damage 100 homes, elsewhere fighters from 43 States battle far-flung Texas wildfires.

Forgot to mention yesterday that some of the thunderstorms we had in England on Saturday were accompanied by heavy hail - up to 3cm in diameter according to reliable reports. So thanks to Peter for reminding me and finding these: well stone me, it's hail on hottest day of the year in Leicestershire whilst in Yorkshire lightning, hail and heavy rain strike during mostly hot and sunny weekend.

Dozens rescued from wild weather in NZ.

Can Siberian hot springs reveal ancient ecology?

Effect of cloud-scattered sunlight on Earth's energy balance depends on wavelength of light

And like something out of a low budget horror movie, king crabs invade Antarctica. And no-one knows why - although the usual suspect, ACC, inevitably gets a mention. Just so long it's not Cthulhu waking from his eldritch slumbers!


  1. We in Ireland are experiencing warm glorious sunshine.


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