9th April - Today's News: Sandstorm Causes Horrific Pile-Up on German Autobahn, Several Dead.

Freak sandstorm causes deadly motorway pile-up in Germany. Not what you expect whilst driving down the autobahn! Additional reports say 10 dead, 97 injured - some of the victims having burned alive. I've seen sand dunes run out halfway across the road in east Suffolk, an area known as the 'Sandlings' because the underlying red crag makes the soil extremely sandy. But they tended to be only a few inches high and being rural back roads, I never heard of any accidents there due to sandstorms.

It was even warmer in my garden yesterday with 22.5c under unbroken sunshine and just a slight breeze, and I'm expecting similar today. Rest of the month looks like being a little cooler though, and some recent model output has even been throwing up a (very unlikely) risk of snow over Easter! Glorious weekend for Britain with mercury to hit 21c .... but mini-heatwave sparks drought fears - the latter being tabloid nonsense. Though it has been a very dry year so far in some parts of the country (and extremely wet at times elsewhere). And according to the RSPB, mild weather brings firsts eggs for peregrines and goshawks. I saw what I think was a pair of the former in Wales last weekend. Could do with them round here to reduce the house sparrow population which seems to have increased dramatically over the winter - and is now leading to frequent fights! Noisy buggers.

Bulgaria on alert over hurricane-like winds

The media have enjoyed this story: a honeymoon from hell: floods, fires, tsunamis and earthquakes but I know a few people for whom it's be the greatest trip of a lifetime!

Some incredible pictures here of Cars, whole houses and even severed feet in shoes: The vast field of debris from Japan earthquake and tsunami that's floating towards U.S. West Coast

Another in the 'well they blame it on everything else' file: carbon emissions linked to Europe's hay fever rise. Just glad that all I'm allergic to is humans!

A paper from earlier this year that's I've just become aware of via Roger Pielke Sr's blog, examples the role of atmospheric nuclear explosions on the stagnation of global warming in the mid 20th century - did we experience a 'mini nuclear winter'?


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